Char Creation Rules

All of the members of the team are together as part of an adventuring band. Chaotic evil chars Not Allowed if someone wants to play any flavor of good, the reverse is also true.

Assign stats as you like 16 14 13 12 11 10 And add 4 more points any way you like.

Skills – You get 20 points to spend total. Skills availiable to train for your class take 1 point, other skills take 2 points

Feats – You may ignore class requirements ONLY. all other requirements remain. If a feat requires training in a skill, you must spend at least 1 point from your allocated 20 on the skill

Items/weapons/armors – You may use any non-magic items you can carry. Weight limits will be enforced.

Drawbacks or Flaws Pick 1-3 of these. If you really dont like any of them, i will figure out some more i guess. Combat ones have high bonuses in accordance with their potential to get you killed. Non-combat ones wont lead to you getting killed right out. (I am never going to make you explore a tunnel with an unkillable deathtouch demon in it, because of the explorer drawback).

Char Creation Rules

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